Demons of the Past

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Fighter squadron: N/A

Description: Samuel Bei relives the moment that shattered his life.


GTVA Command has issued the order to evacuate Capella. Until the GTD Aquitaine and the rest of 3rd Fleet arrive from Gamma Draconis, Captain Bei of the GTCv Arifiel will handle the evacuation process.

You have been given orders to escort a transport from Sofia Station, one of the many civilian hubs in the system. The transport's destination is the Vega jump node. There have been reports of Shivans arriving from Gamma Draconis.

You are given a reminder at the end of the briefing that these transports are carrying civilians; they do not react well to battle, and require additional attention on your end to escort.


This mission is a playable cutscene. You can still move around at your own will, but you have no targeting or weapon controls, and you cannot affect, nor will you be affected by, anything that happens in the mission.

You will be flying a Spacesuit.


  • Your ship is invulnerable, hidden from sensors, collide-proof and unarmed for this mission.
  • The Arifiel is invulnerable for this mission.

Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • Samuel Bei Cheow Keng