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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition
and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe. Also, it may contain spoilers regarding Series Resurrecta campaigns.

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Shadows of the Great War - The Spirit of Ptah Mission 3

Player squadron: 223rd Moonbears

Description: The 223rd has been temporarily transferred to the PVD Hedetet, and their first mission will involve the destruction of a Hammer of Light depot. The fanatics, however, have a counterattack in their plans...

Created: March 19th, 2007

Released: October 16th, 2020


After the considerable victory over Senwosre outpost, the Alliance moves in to eradicate the Hammer of Light logistics in the system. The 223rd Moonbears have been temporarily transferred to the PVD Hedetet, in an effort to further strengthen the ties between the two species. An assault on a cargo depot is planned, but an emergency distress call is received from the GTD Ixion: the destroyer has come under heavy attack and required immediate assistance. The Moonbears now have to go back where they've come from, and provide much needed cover to their previous homebase.


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Notable ships present


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