Children of Mankind

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Children of Mankind is the prelude campaign of the FreeSpace: Reunited storyline.

General Info

Author: Bryan See

Missions: 5

Mods included (See mod list):

  • An additional faction, the Cylons, with ships and weapons from Diaspora
  • New Shivan ships and weapons, plus FS1-era craft such as the Shaitan and the Scorpion
  • New custom soundtracks

Status: WIP


  • MediaVPs 2014, in mediavps_2014 folder
  • FS2_Open 3.7.1 Nightly Revision


The Cylons, having wandered across the universe for more than 150,000 years after the fall of the Twelve Colonies of Man, seemed to have finally found destiny. However, destiny means something else. Standing in front of them is an alien race that destroyed countless civilisations, and the Cylons found themselves in a conflict that, for the first time since two wars that they have previously fought against their masters, they are losing ground.

Mod list

Below is the mods that appear in Children of Mankind.

Children of Mankind Mods
Ship Name Ship Image Tech Description
Raider Raider.png To be filled in later.
Advanced Raider AdvRaider.png To be filled in later.
Heavy Raider HeavyRaider.png To be filled in later.
Basestar Basestar.png To be filled in later.
SF Gorgon SFGorgon.png The Gorgon appears to be one of the first Shivan fighters encountered at the Arawn system, along with the Incubus and Mantis. A formidable design in terms of firepower, agility and durability compared to our Raiders, the Gorgon is also considered as the fastest fighter class in the Shivan armada. It does possess an extremely thick and powerful shielding and armour, however, thus making it a truly nightmarish opponent. Cylons should be aware of the Gorgon when fighting wings of Gorgons in future battles.
SF Incubus Incubus.jpg To be filled in later.
SF Mantis Mantis.jpg To be filled in later.
SB Ojas Ojas.jpg To be filled in later.
SB Yali HTL Yali.jpg The Yali is a newer foe to the Cylons. They appear to be similar to Maras in speed, armor, and shield strength, but have demonstrated a capability to inflict much damage to our baseships with its two beam emplacements.
SDr Imp SDrImp.png Carried almost exclusively to the Beelzeboul-class Shivan frigates, the Imp is an unmanned combat drone that achieved its greater speed and maneuverability at the cost of firepower and armour. Cylons should easily take down a single Imp, but though, these drones are seen deployed in large numbers.
SC Asura Sgsasura.png The initial counterstrike against an Asura-class Shivan cruiser resulted in large number of casualties. Mounting a powerful shielding system and a wide array of turrets, flak guns and AAA beam cannons, the Asura is a nightmarish opponent to attack in a fighter or bomber at close range. A combined barrage of flak guns and AAAs are usually enough to destroy a Raider. Even baseships must be wary of its secondary payload capacity which makes the Asura very well armed for a ship of its size with the maneuverability of a bomber.
SC Raguel SCRaguel.png Recently encountered at Arawn, the Raguel is extremely well-armed and heavy armoured for a Shivan cruiser. With several medium, small and AAA armanents, it easily wipes out our Raiders, so it is preferred that a baseship destroy this heavy vessel from as great a distance as possible.
SC Rictus SCRictus640x480.jpg Being a Shivan design encountered for the first time only a short while back, we do not have much data on this cruiser yet. However, it would appear the Rictus's main purpose is attacking capital ships directly, mostly via its front beam cannon. The craft has extensive armour plating and shielding. Cylons should be aware of its anti-fighter weaponry of the Rictus when fighting with one of these.
SFg Beelzeboul SFgBeelzeboul.png More than once has the leering grin of the Beelzeboul-class Shivan frigate been a Cylon's last sight before getting shot down. A wide array of anti-fighter weaponry, with a reactor core protected by a powerful local shielding system, plows through wings of Raiders with near impunity. It is also capable of carrying and launching Imp drones. Pilots are advised to let baseships engage this warship from a safe distance. Despite this, Cylons should avoid the area below the vessel's four arms and concentrate the attack on the dorsal sides from a safe distance.
SD Vassago HiNuVassago640x480.jpg The Vassago is a Shivan destroyer class the Cylons have only recently encountered. It appears to be tasked with clearing out smaller foes, a mission for which it is well suited. It eagerly wipes out wings of Raiders and also overwhelms our baseships.
SJ Amritaya Amritaya.png We do not have much data on the Amritaya class. Its offensive capability exceeds that of our baseships.

Player Comments

To be added.

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