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The Titan Gunship is among the newest ships in the Terran arsenal, with the first batch having been deployed only twelve months before the commencement of hostilities with the Vasudans. Equipped with a pair of rotating light Fusion mortar turrets, its anti-ship damage output is comparable to that the main weapon of a Fenris cruiser, although its considerably smaller magazine means that, in ship to ship combat, its endurance may be an issue. However, though equipped to tackle Vasudan capital ships, the primary mission of the Titan is anti-fighter. Its port and starboard batteries of heat seeking missiles are optimised to engage small strikecraft, both in defence of larger vessels and in offensive roles.

Critical to the Titan's role as a fighter-killer is its subspace drive. At this time, the Titan is the smallest combat vessel that the GTA can equip with a subspace drive. This mobility allows fleet commanders to deploy Titans ahead of larger vessels to clear the way or, as is becoming more and more common, to use these vessels as reinforcements, deploying them to bolster the defences of a beleagured capital ship, or to assist a fighter group when facing a numerically superior opponent in deep space.

Though only in service a relatively short time, many fighter pilots already owe their lives to the timely intervention of a Titan and its crew.