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The Recon Titan is the most modern and specialised refit of the standard model Titan Gunship currently in service. Designed as a subspace capable reconnaissance platform, the Titan-R has had much of its armament and armour removed, in favour of highly advanced, custom designed sensor systems. These modifications make the Recon Titan uniquely suited for intelligence gathering, both before and after battle.

With all of the missile weapons of the standard ship removed to make way for sensors and a more powerful reactor, the Titan-R is not a combat craft, despite being built on the frame of a warship. That said, the vessel is not completely defenceless, with its improved power output allowing it to mount 4 light plasma cannons. In addition, the removal of internal munitions, the majority of its weapons systems and its heavy armour have resulted in a significant boost to acceleration, speed and manoeuvrability. These are the vessels greatest assets, as a Titan-R will almost always be deployed in short bursts, with orders to jump in, scan an area and jump out as soon as its jump drive is charged. If at all possible, combat is to be avoided. Given its high cost, advanced technology and tactical value, the GTA considers this class of vessel to be of the highest defensive priority.