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The Assault Titan (or Heavy Titan) is a refit of the standard model Titan Gunship, optimised to eliminate Vasudan capital ships. Although the Assault Titan retains the paired, rotating light Fusion Mortar turrets, its offensive anti-ship are augmented by a magazine of forty Minotaur class torpedoes, and eight independent torpedo launchers. Although limited in endurance thanks to its relatively small magazine, and completely reliant on friendly fighters or escorting capital ships to provide anti-fighter cover, the Assault Titan is capable of delivering the most powerful broadside of any vessel in the Terran Armada.

Much like the standard Titan, the Assault Titan is equipped with the GTA's smallest and most modern subspace drive, giving it the tactical flexibilty to both be embedded as a support vessel for larger vessels, like the Fenris class cruiser, or to operate independent of other vessels, supporting fighter groups or opportunitically attacking vulnerable Vasudan assets.