GTT Elysium(Frontlines)

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GTF Leto
GTF Leto-A
GTF Leto-I
GTF Claymore
GTT Elysium
GTGs Titan
GTGs Titan (Assault)
GTGs Titan (Recon)
GTFg Jupiter
GTC Fenris
GTCa Canberra
GTD Goliath
Stalker Class Probe
PVF Inpu
PVF Imset
PVF Nefertum
PVB Hesat
PVT Isis
PVFr Bast
PVFr Ma'at
PVGs Satis
PVGs Sokar
PVC Neith
PVFr Cleopatra
PVI Karnak


Since the start of space colonization, this standard transport has been used by everyone, both civilian and military. While it has undergone minor changes time and again, it remains a simple design: a vehicle meant to transport personnel from one place to another. The GTA uses Elysium transports extensively, for a variety of purposes, from personnel movements to boarding operations, although in some cases, such actions may warrant the use of a Corsair.