PVI Karnak(Frontlines)

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The giant Karnak installation is the largest and best defended space station in known space, far more so than our own orbital facilities. This station, with its sizeabole fighterbays and highly potent missile bays, is most likely a defensive hub, a kind of bunker around which Vasudan forces can concetrate in the event of an invasion, a role it fills very well. In fact, it was the GTAs ill advised assault on an installation of this type that led to our ultimate defeat in the Antares system last year. Even a Goliath class cruiser-destroyer would likely be outmatched by a Karnak, however the almost inevitable presence of installations of this type within the Vasudan home system means that we must find a way of eliminating them if we ever hope to win this war.

Because of its enormous logistical and strategic value, as well as its powerful defenses, the Karnak is considered a class A threat.