GTSc Faustus(Frontlines)

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GTF Leto
GTF Leto-A
GTF Leto-I
GTF Claymore
GTT Elysium
GTGs Titan
GTGs Titan (Assault)
GTGs Titan (Recon)
GTFg Jupiter
GTC Fenris
GTCa Canberra
GTD Goliath
Stalker Class Probe
PVF Inpu
PVF Imset
PVF Nefertum
PVB Hesat
PVT Isis
PVFr Bast
PVFr Ma'at
PVGs Satis
PVGs Sokar
PVC Neith
PVFr Cleopatra
PVI Karnak


The Faustus science vessel is a civilian research craft, widely used throughout the GTA. By fusing state-of-the-art laboartories and the mobility of a subspace capable vessel, a very attractve research platform hasbeen designed. The GTA utilizes a small number of these craft for zero-G manufacturing and a certain amount of military research, but they are poorly armed and weakly armoured, an thus rarely venture far from the safety of Sol, and the protection of the first fleet.