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My user name is likewise TopAce on the Hard Light Productions forums. I contributed in great part in converting the contents of the old FS Wikipedia into this new, enhanced one. My biggest project in expanding the Wiki is probably the FRED category.

I've been an HLPer since February, 2003. I was a high school student aged 17 back then. Nowadays, I just work on my Fate of the Galaxy missions. Fate of the Galaxy is the biggest and most ambitious Star Wars total conversion for the FreeSpace Open engine. I joined its spiritual predecessor, simply called the Star Wars Conversion, some time around I joined the forums, but that iteration fell apart and a new team (with only Black Wolf and myself remaining from the old SWC staff) was recruited. As of June, 2020, it is finally very close to an actual release.

Apart from working on anything FRED-related content here, I often spellcheck other articles.

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