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Hey. I'm Black Wolf. I'm a Global Moderator on the HLP forums and a wiki admin on here, primarily as a result of being among the first to really get involved in this incarnation. I did a lot of the first real organisational work on the wiki, set up a coherent main page (although it's changed a bit since those days), some of the old "portals" (modding, FREDding etc.) - stuff like that, though I'm much less active now that things have settled down and other people have taken over. Freespace-wise, I'm the project leader and primary (read - only) FREDder for the Twisted Infinities campaign over at Sectorgame, and I'm working on Frontlines, a TV-War campaign. I'm also FREDding for Fate of the Galaxy, the Star Wars TC.

I also make mods sometimes. Here's some of my stuff that you can DL:

Off the Wiki:
Vasudan Building: Thread
Deimos Fighterbay: Thread

* Model by Hades, Texture by Me.
** Model by Me, Texture by mjn.mixael. ^ Model by Axem, Texture by Me.

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