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FSO Revision: 9770
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The credits.tbl is a table for defining the text displayed in the credits screen.

This table is one of the Modular Tables and can be extended with xxx-crd.tbm

List of Tables


  • These go before the rest of the credits. They are applied in the order the tables are parsed so previous entries are overwritten by new entries.


FS2 Open, 3.6.16:
  • Sets the music to be played during the credits.
  • String value is from music.tbl.
  • Defaults to 'Cinema'
  • Syntax: String

$Number of Images:

FS2 Open, 3.7.2:
  • Sets the number of images that are cycled during the credits.
  • Defaults to the retail value of 46 (0-45).
  • Syntax: Integer

$Start Image Index:

FS2 Open, 3.6.14:
  • Sets the image index that the credits image scroll will start with.
  • Defaults to random number.
  • Syntax: Integer

$Text scroll rate:

FS2 Open, 3.6.16:
  • Sets the scroll rate of the text in pixels per second
  • Defaults to 15
  • Syntax: Float

$Artworks display time:

FS2 Open, 3.6.16:
  • Sets the time a single image is displayed without fadein and -out times.
  • Specified in seconds
  • Defaults to 9
  • Syntax: Float

$Artworks fade time:

FS2 Open, 3.6.16:
  • Sets the time spent for fading an image.
  • Specified in seconds
  • Defaults to 1
  • Syntax: Float

$SCP Credits position:

FS2 Open, 3.6.16:
  • Specifies the position where the default SCP credits appear
  • Defaults to 'Start'
  • Syntax: String, one of:
    • Start
    • End


  • Table consists of header entries followed by the list of people under that header.
  • Header:
    • Syntax: XSTR("String", -1), Header
    • Example: XSTR("Lead Programmer:", -1)
  • List of names can be added under each header (not required).


$Start Image Index: 00
$Text scroll rate: 17.0
$Artworks display time: 6.5
$Artworks fade time: 1.5
$SCP Credits position: end

XSTR("Lead Programmer:", -1)

Dave Baranec

XSTR("Programming:", -1)

Dave Andsager
Jeff Farris
Neil Kumar