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The tips.tbl is used for defining the tips that pop-up in the main hall when a new pilot is created.

List of Tables

General Info

  • These are the tips that will be displayed in a pop up menu in the mainhall.
  • Can designate key pressed with [] brackets.
  • There is a maximum of 40 tips that you can define


  • Table file consists of tips, each on a single line starting with +Tip:
  • Table ends with #End


  • Entry consists of a string and a value that refers to the translation found from tstrings.tbl
  • Syntax: XSTR("string", integer)


  • Part of retail FreeSpace 2 table
+Tip: XSTR("When your shields...", 3204)
+Tip: XSTR("Press [R] to target...", 3205)
+Tip: XSTR("Press [Alt-H] to enable...", 3206)
+Tip: XSTR("Attacking the Weapons subsystem...", 3207)