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The tstrings.tbl is used for translations quite like the strings.tbl except that it is used for table strings.

This table is one of the Modular Tables and can be extended with xxx-tlc.tbm

List of Tables

General Info

  • Other files use the index values for finding translations located in the tstrings.tbl


  • Table consists of one or more sections, each beginning with a number sign followed by the name of the language (e.g., #German). The exception is the English section, which must begin with #default.
  • Each section ends with #end
  • Each section consists of many indexed text entries.

Individual Lines

  • Each line starts with the number or index that it will be linked to from other tables.
  • Each line also contains the full text to use for that index throughout FSO.
  • There is a hard-coded limit of 4,500 strings per section. Do not reach or exceed this index number.
  • Syntax: Integer, String


  • Part of retail FreeSpace 2 table
0, "The main FreeSpace 2 campaign."

1, "Special Operations Command has selected you for a dangerous covert assignment. Will you accept?"

2, "Special Operations Command requests your participation in a high-risk rescue mission. Will you volunteer?"

3, "Act 3"

4, "Shivan Gauntlet"

5, "A gauntlet module in which you face waves of Shivan fighters and warships.

6, "Blah"
3413, "*Aeolus Duel"

3414, "*Deimos Duel"

3415, "*Close Quarters"

3416, "*Ganymede Redux"

3417, "*Team Chaos"

3418, "*Ganymede Showdown"

3419, "So where's the Iceni, Command? Let’s end this now."

3420, "Protect Tatenen"