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FSO Revision: 10125
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The strings.tbl is used for setting the various translations.

This table is one of the Modular Tables and can be extended with xxx-lcl.tbm

List of Tables

General Info

  • Table consists of several sections named for the language of the translation.
  • Other files use the index values for finding translations located in the strings.tbl
FS2 Open, 3.7.2: Adds an optional section to specify new languages. They are still restricted to a max of 255 characters though, no unicode allowed yet


  • Table consists of one or more sections, each beginning with a number sign followed by the name of the language (e.g., #English, #German, #French).
  • Each section ends with $end
  • Each section consists of many indexed text entries.

FS2 Open, 3.7.2: This is an example of the optional section to specify new languages
#Supported Languages

$Language:	German
+Extension: gr
+Special Character Index: 164

$Language:	French
+Extension: fr
+Special Character Index: 164

$Language:	Spanish
+Extension: sp
+Special Character Index: 164


Individual Lines

  • Each line starts with the number or index that it will be linked to from menu areas.
  • Each line also contains the full text to use for that index throughout FSO.
  • Each string may be followed by one or two X-offset values. If two values exist, then the first one is used in 640x480, and the second one is used in 1024x768. If only one value exists, then it's used in both resolutions.
  • Syntax: Integer, String or Integer, String Integer or Integer, String Integer Integer


  • Part of retail FreeSpace 2 table
; File: KeyControl.cpp

0, "Player ship changed to %s"
1, "Changed player target to %s"
2, "Soundtrack changed to: %s"
3, "Event music is not playing"
4, "Framerate delay increased to %i milliseconds per frame."
5, "Framerate delay decreased to %i milliseconds per frame."
6, "Countermeasure firing: %s"
9, "You whacked yourself down to %7.3f percent hull.\n"
10, "You are %s"
1560, "PXO Banners"
1561, "Misc"
1562, "Force local port"
1563, "German"								; language choices in Misc tab
1564, "English"

; nope, there is more.  added 10/26
1565, "NEW USER TIP\n\n%s"					; heading on tip popup
1566, "Flak turret"
1567, "Beam turret"
1568, "Laser turret"
1569, "Missile lnchr"


The thread announcing new languages support