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This feature requires FreeSpace Open
List of Tables and related code files
* Notes Modular Tables
** Notes tables which only use modular tables
Ai.tbl* /ai/aicode.cpp
Ai_profiles.tbl* /ai/ai_profiles.cpp
Animation.tbl** /model/modelanimation.cpp
Armor.tbl* /ship/ship.cpp
Asteroid.tbl* /asteroid/asteroid.cpp
Autopilot.tbl* /autopilot/autopilot.cpp
Cheats.tbl* /cheats_table/cheats_table.cpp
Colors.tbl* /globalincs/alphacolors.cpp
Curves.tbl* /math/curves.cpp
Controlconfigdefaults.tbl /controlconfig/controlsconfigcommon.cpp
Credits.tbl* /menuui/credits.cpp
Cutscenes.tbl* /cutscene/cutscenes.cpp
Decals.tbl** /decals/decals.cpp
Fireball.tbl* /fireball/fireballs.cpp
Fonts.tbl* /graphics/font.cpp
Game_settings.tbl* /mod_table/mod_table.cpp
Glowpoints.tbl* /model/modelread.cpp
Help.tbl* /gamehelp/contexthelp.cpp
Hud_gauges.tbl* /hud/hudparse.cpp
Icons.tbl* /mission/missionbriefcommon.cpp
Iff_defs.tbl* /iff_defs/iff_defs.cpp
Lighting_Profiles.tbl* /lighting/lighting_profiles.cpp
Lightning.tbl* /nebula/neblightning.cpp
Mainhall.tbl* /menuui/mainhallmenu.cpp
Medals.tbl* /stats/medals.cpp
Messages.tbl* /mission/missionmessage.cpp
Mflash.tbl* /weapon/muzzleflash.cpp
Music.tbl* /gamesnd/eventmusic.cpp
Nebula.tbl* /nebula/neb.cpp
Objecttypes.tbl* /ship/ship.cpp
Options.tbl* Not In Codebase
Particle effects(-part.tbm)** /particle/effects...
Post_processing.tbl /graphics/gropenglpostprocessing.cpp
Rank.tbl* /stats/scoring.cpp
Scpui.tbl* Not In Codebase
Scripting.tbl* /parse/scripting.cpp
Ships.tbl* /ship/ship.cpp
Sexps.tbl** /parse/sexp/sexp_lookup.cpp
Sounds.tbl* /gamesnd/gamesnd.cpp
Species_defs.tbl* /species_defs/species_defs.cpp
Species.tbl* /menuui/techmenu.cpp
Ssm.tbl* /hud/hudartillery.cpp
Stars.tbl* /starfield/starfield.cpp
Strings.tbl* /localization/localize.cpp
Tips.tbl* /menuui/playermenu.cpp
Traitor.tbl* /stats/scoring.cpp
Tstrings.tbl* /localization/localize.cpp
Virtual_pofs.tbl* /model/modelreplace.cpp
Weapon_expl.tbl* /weapon/weapons.cpp
Weapons.tbl* /weapon/weapons.cpp

Scpui.tbl is used by the SCPUI script system to define what engine game states are linked to librocket RML files. This effectively allows SCPUI to override a built-in game UI with one of its own. This table also allows setting various background definitions for UIs on a granular basis.

SCPUI.tbl can be extended with xxx-ui.tbm.


  • SCPUI defines what game states and substates exist for SCPUI through the use of this table file and modular -ui.tbms.
  • Begins with one of the section names and ends with #End

#State Replacement

  • This section defines what RML files are used to replace specific game states.



  • The name of the substate
  • Required for GS_STATE_SCRIPTING
  • Syntax: string


  • The path to the RML file definition to use for the game state
  • Must include the file path
  • Syntax: string

#Background Replacement

  • Defines what css class to use to set the background for UIs on a per-campaign basis.
  • By default all UIs use the css classgeneral_bg.

$Campaign Background:

  • Designates that a new define will follow
  • Has no arguments

+Campaign Filename:

  • The campaign filename without extension
  • Syntax: string

+RCSS Class Name:

  • The css class name to use as a replacement. Make sure this class exists in a loaded rcss file!
  • Syntax: string

#Briefing Stage Background Replacement

  • Defines customized briefing grid backgrounds on a per-mission or per-briefing-stage level.
  • The background is br-black.png by default.

$Briefing Grid Background:

  • Designates that a new define will follow
  • Has no arguments

+Mission Filename:

  • The mission filename where the briefing background will be replaced
  • Without extension
  • Syntax: string

+Default Background Filename:

  • The new default background file to use for the mission
  • WITH extension
  • Syntax: string

+Stage Override:

  • The briefing stage of the mission to define an override for
  • Not required for every stage. Any stage without an override will use the mission default
  • Syntax: integer
+Background Filename:
  • The new default background file to use for the stage
  • WITH extension
  • Syntax: string


#State Replacement

+Markup: data/interface/markup/pilot_select.rml

+Substate: Newsroom
+Markup: data/interface/markup/journal.rml

#Background Replacement

$Campaign Background:
	+Campaign Filename: bta1_m
	+RCSS Class Name: bta1_bg

#Briefing Stage Background Replacement

$Briefing Grid Background:
	+Mission Filename: bta2_m1_01
	+Default Background Filename: br-black.png
	+Stage Override: 1
		+Background Filename: br-deltaserpentis.png
	+Stage Override: 2
		+Background Filename: br-stars.png
	+Stage Override: 5
		+Background Filename: br-luyten.png