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Ohai o/

Random contributor, former Homeworld 2 modder for 8 years, creator of HWBP, member of the Between the Ashes and Blue Planet teams.

Hum, what else ?

Oh yeah, HLP's local Frenchman. All Snails behold !


Nothing to do here.

Favourite User-made Ship List

This is intended as a list of quality ships, filtering most of the old, ugly and/or bad-quality ships of the official User-made Ships list from a subjective point of view. The choices made in this filtering are my own and I am not trying to impose them on anyone, but I hope it will help other modders finding quality assets more easily than with the old list.

This list is not finished yet, but I am still open to suggestions.

Fighter Craft

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
Bad Ulysses UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png GTF Perseus Adv UMS-WH.pngUMS-BC.png GVF Imset UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png SF Chimera UMS-WU.png AF Kato UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
UEF Ainsarii TF Proton GVF Anouke UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png SF Gorgon UMS-WU.png AF Phylaki UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTF Claymore UTF Seminole GVF Reshef SF Ifrit UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png Bek'Tah Interceptor UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
EAF Claymore Mk1 GTF Selkie UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-BC.png PVF Seshat UMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png SF Naga UMS-WU.png HEF Blizzard UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png
GTF Losna UTF Comanche VRC Inpu UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png SF Succubus (INF) UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png KCSL Kama UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
EAF Stentor UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTF Vampire SF Serpent UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png Lizard Huntercraft UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
UEF Kentauroi UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png UEF Uhlan UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png Lizard Killercraft UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
UEF Uriel UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png GTF Achilles UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png Lizard Swarmercraft UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
GTF Agias UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTF Angel NF Banshee UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
FTFx Thor UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png Pyro GX NF Phantasm UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
GTF Aurora UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-BC.png Spacesuit RLF Tigris UMS-WU.pngUMS-RI.png
GTF Draco UTF Cherokee AKF Eitr UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTF Falcon UMS-BC.png TF Gefjon UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png HAF Super Sylph UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png
GTF Ezechiel TF Ion HAF Yukikaze Mave UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
UEF Izra'il UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-BC.png GTF Atalanta HAF Vic Viper UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
TF Shrike UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png TF Mustang Alpha UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png HAF Rynex UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTF Kelpie TF Mustang Beta UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png FTF Astrogator
GTF Skjoldr GTF Durandal
GTF Leto

Bomber Craft

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
GTB Athena Mk2 GTB Hera (ED) GTVB Hesat UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png SB Durja UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png AB Attis UMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTB Hera (ED) UEB Lapith GVB Atlas SB Kahlan AB Satyr UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTB Hera (INF) UEB Vajradhara UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-BC.png GVB Petbe SB Kasdeya AB Zakros UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
FTB Saracen GTB Stheno UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png SB Vindhyachal Bek'Tah Bomber
GTB Rhea UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-BC.png UTB Navajo SB Yali NB Ghoul
GTB Azaes GTB Callisto
GTVB Chnubis UTB Yurok
GTB Diana

Capital Ships (Cruisers, Corvettes, Frigates and Gunships)

Terran Terran Vasudan Shivan Other
GTGs Prominence UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png UEC Sanctus UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GVC Mekhet SC Lamia UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png AC Malia UMS-WH.pngUMS-WN.png
FTCv Tethys UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png FTFp Rhea UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png GVC Newet UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png SGs Asura UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png ACv Phaistos UMS-WN.png
FTCa Tethys UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png GTCv Bellerophon UMS-WH.png GVC Asarte AKCs Iliaster UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
UEC Custos UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTCv Chimera UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GVC Naunet AKFf Adamantium UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
FTFf Impervious UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png GTCv Cobra GVCv Petbe AKCve Orichalcum UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTBC Blade FTFf Northampton UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png GVMCv Wepwawet KCSL Hecatos UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.pngUMS-RI.png
GTC Cretheus UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.png GTC Atlantis UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GVCv Udjat BTDa Skeleton UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTC Garm UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTC Hyperion UMS-WH.png Hyperion
UEFg Karuna UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png UEFg Narayana UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png
GTVFg Arpyia UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png GTCv Diomedes
Phoenix Rising UMS-WH.pngUMS-WU.pngUMS-WN.png UEFg Karuna MK2