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A consolidated page for the factions in Dimensional Eclipse So far this is mostly just copied from species.tbl, I'll edit this when I have time...

Friendly Factions

Federated Terran Commonwealth

Formed in AR04, the Federated Terran Commonwealth is the governing body over most of Terran-controlled space. The Commonwealth was initially created to handle the diaspora triggered by the Fourth Event. At the top, the Commonwealth operates as a council, with representatives from the various Terran blocs, answering to a director.

The Commonwealth's military arm, the Federated Terran Commonwealth Command, or FedCom for short, operates as a single entity controlling both the ground army and Navy, with subdivisions answering directly to the council and director. FedCom took the brunt of the Exarchy's initial assaults in Terran space, and have been effective at diverting them away from the core worlds.

The extended tensions, though, have taken their toll on the morale of FedCom. No longer seen as the high-tech technological juggernaut, the Commonwealth has resorted to conscription on a number of fringe worlds to bolster their fighter corps. Signs of their strength wavering have manifested in a slow and gradual return of space piracy, once thought to be eliminated in the face of transpace reinforcement.


Heaven's Alliance

The Heaven's Alliance Private Mercenary Corporation is a paramilitary organization formed in AR92 to meet the rising demand for protection of valuable assets against threats (such as the Exarchy and the ever-growing outlaw menace) without resorting to requesting military aid from the already-stretched-thin FedCom.

Sponsored by the Commonwealth Navy, the Heaven's Alliance is expected to assist in testing prototype technologies. Hence, the Alliance is founded on the principle of utilising the most advanced technology available. Through partnership with the military proper, Heaven's Alliance has exclusive connections to a number of aerospace firms such as Borealis Industries and Aurelius Fleet Systems.

As part of a paramilitary organization, members of the Heaven's Alliance are excused from conscription, leading to a number of enlistments from people seeking to avoid front-line combat, as well as from those seeking to tinker with the latest technology. Regulations are not as strict in the Alliance as in FedCom, as pay is proportionalized according to performance and participation in missions.

The introduction of the Mercenary system has gone far in curbing the growth of space piracy in Terran star systems, though the ever-looming threat the Exarchy presents means that no concerted effort has ever been made against such outlaws.


Hostile Factions

The Rim Union

A ragtag collection of outer-rim traders and disgruntled former-Commonwealth soldiers and officers, the Rim Union arose due to discontent with the Commonwealth's centralizing strategy against the Exarchy. As during the previous Incursions, the Commonwealth exhibited great willingness to simply abandon outlying systems to the Exarchy in favour of fortifying the core worlds. This naturally led to much dissatisfaction and feelings of betrayal among those who journeyed out to the fringe systems under the Commonwealth's Great Exodus program, leading many to believe that they were thrown out to the frontier of human-controlled space and ignored.

The Exarchy

'The Exarchy' is the term the collection of alien races utilised to address themselves during the brief communications with the Terrans. The Exarchy first appeared in Terran space in AR81, and immediately commenced hostilities. Communications have been sent between the Commonwealth and the Exarchy, but results are inconclusive as to their ultimate objective.

From what little is understood of Exarchy society from their military doctrines, it appears that the Exarchy societal structure is highly hierarchical, being divided into two main segments, or circles. The lower circle consists of individual races following the Exarchy as servants, slaves and soldiers, whereas the higher circle is a collective of races which are free-thinkers, recognized as true citizens of the Exarchy.

The Exarchy has made three major pushes into Terran space since they were first encountered in AR81. The first and second (in AR104) Exarchy invasions in particular led to the Commonwealth abandoning a number of fringe systems in favour of more defensible positions.

The Exarchy utilise technology far beyond Terran-developed tech. The foundation of modern space infrastructure is based off of remnants of Exarchy technology excavated on alien worlds. The Exarchy routinely uplifts races in which they see vaulable traits, incorporating them into their structure.

Known alien races in the Exarchy include the Baltraadans, Lerzidi, and Askaeldians. While the motives and character of the lower circle races are somewhat understood, the higher ranks of the Exarchy remain shrouded in mystery.



A member species of the Exarchy, the Baltraadans appear to be one of the lowest in rank even amongst the lower circle. They fill the in majority of the Exarchy's strikecraft forces, and while maintain a single class of warship, the Exarchy views them as highly expendable. Baltraadans are additionally seen as infantry aboard higher-circle Exarchy warships, serving to repel boarding actions.

Baltraadans are highly-aggressive, savage, barely-sentient six-limbed beast-like creatures that likely would not have survived into the space age without the Exarchy's uplifting. They have little concern for their own lives and appear to seek to satisfy their bloodlust before all else. Attempts to communicate or reason with Baltraadans are futile, and it is unknown how the Exarchy hones their aggression towards hostiles. However, it appears that Baltraadans are genetically modified to enhance aggression and reflexes.

It is likely that the Baltraadans do not design their own fighters, but merely act as the savage pilots of craft given to them by the Exarchy, though their sole warship class appears to be of their own design.



A member race of the Exarchy, the Lerzidi are a reptillian alien species. They appear to be fairly low in rank in the Exarchy, and have not been observed to possess any warships. They serve as the elite strikecraft divisions of the Exarchy, piloting highly advanced, specialized strikecraft. Certain squadrons serve as the elite guard of assault carrier battlegroups.

Lerzidi are fiercely loyal to the Exarchy, to the point of fanatical devotion, perhaps a function of their single-tracked mind. Apparently, their species owes their continuing existence to the Exarchy uplifting them so they could escape their homeworld falling into its parent star due its decaying orbit. As a result, the Lerzidi are fully willing to sacrifice themselves for the Exarchy's agenda. Like the Baltraadans, the Lerzidi appear to be genetically enhanced with respects to reflexes and force-tolerance, allowing their pilots to perform maneuvers that would kill a human.

It is unknown why the Exarchy allows the arguably less-civilized Baltraadans to maintain warships, while the Lerzidi do not.



Askaeldians are a rather unique member race of the Exarchy both in appearance and function. A parasitic species, a lone Askaeldian appears as a motile blob of slime approximately ten centimeters in radius. In this form, they are largely non-sentient, and operate on instinct. Such Askaeldians possess the ability to attach themselves to, and replace the central nervous system of numerous species, both Human and Alien, as well as merge with mechanical circuitry.

Once attached to a living (or recently deceased) organism, the Askaeldian converts the bloodstream of the host into Askaeldic material, allowing it full control of the hosts' body. Once attached, the conciousness of the Askaeldian cannot be separated from that of the original host, and retains the memories of the host, though the hosts' though processes and reflexes are altered and optimized by the internal Askaeldic slime. The Askaeldic slime also enhances regeneration and resilience of its host body. A host is nearly indistinguishable from a normal individual otherwise.

Askaeldians can also connect with mechanical circuitry given a proper interface surface, making the computer the 'host'. Afflicted circuitry is altered on a similar scale to afflicted biological systems - routines are altered and optimized. It is hypothesized that Askaeldians are interfaced with most Exarchy shipboard computers, boosting processing power and lowering response time.

It is difficult to directly determine the number of Askaeldians within the Exarchy, and they are often the subject of horror stories. However, once an Askaeldian has acquired a host, organic or mechanical, it is largely harmless as it cannot leave the host. The only possibility of infection from an Askaeldian with a host is when the internal Askaeldic slime undergoes asexual reproduction and a free slime is produced. It is also hypothesized that an Askaeldian with an organic host can reproduce sexually with other members of its host species, though this is merely the subject of speculation.

It is unknown if the Askaeldians were uplifted and modified by the Exarchy, or if they were simply incorporated as they were, though their highly-specialized nature has led many researches to believe that they are an artificial species.



The Ncrsmrph are somewhat of an oddity amongst the Exarchy lower circle species, as they appear to be a purely-synthetic alien race developed for the sole purpose of carrying out warfare. No instances of non-combatant Ncrsmrph have been encountered to date.

While often referred to as 'living warships', a Ncrsmrph warship is much akin to a coral reef, consisting of a biological system that processes raw materials for ship control, repair, and construction, surrounded by non-living matter acting as structural support, armor, and weaponry. The outer metallic shell is only as living as a ship with self-repairing armor. The actual internal structure of Ncrsmrph ships are far less radical than their outward appearance or functionality would suggest.

The Ncrsmrph's near-perfect replication of standard Exarchy technology such as transpace drives and thermal lance weaponry on a functional level additionally leads xenobiologists to hypothesize that the Exarchy higher circle developed the Ncrsmprh as autonomous engines of war, as it seems implausible that species with such different physical characteristics would produce such convergent technological paths.


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