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Music tracks in FreeSpace are determined by the music tables. Mission designers can use the Mission Specs editor (Shift-N) to set the music track that the mission will play. In-mission music is dynamic: it changes depending on in-mission events. This is the list of such events:

  • Arrival of enemy ships (can be disabled for certain ships in FRED)
  • Arrival of friendly ships (can be disabled for certain ships in FRED)
  • Completion of mission goals (can be disabled for certain mission goals in FRED)
  • Player death
  • Ambient (when enemy is either not present, or are well outside firing range)
  • Battle

Apart from in-mission music are briefing music tracks that are played only in command and mission briefings. They can be set in FRED. Briefings are limited for one track per mission.

Furthermore, there are three music tracks for debriefings: "Success", "Average", and "Failure". "Success" is played if all mission objectives are met and the player is allowed to progress in the campaign; The debriefing will play the "Fail" music track if the player fails most of his primary objectives or is not allowed to progress in the campaign. "Average" is played in any other scenarios. [this paragraph requires verification for accuracy]

Lastly, each main hall has its own music track. These tracks can be used in command and mission briefings, too.

List of tracks

FreeSpace 1

(This list is based on the FSPort version of FreeSpace 1)

Main hall music: Choco Mousse

Note: The last mission, Good Luck, has no soundtrack.

FreeSpace 2

Music tracks in FreeSpace 2 are named after some books of the Bible.

Main hall music tracks: Aquitaine, Psamtik (Terran and Vasudan main halls, respectively)


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(These SEXPs are exclusive to FreeSpace Open)